Farm the future.
Onward and Upward.

We strive to design a great workplace where people go to work
to make a life, not just a living.

Jobs @ Enlab

The definition of the great workplace

For many of us, a great workplace could be beautiful offices, premium benefits, grand parties. Of course, it should be included but not limited. At Enlab, we strive to build a company where amazing people like you could do your best work, inspired by professional but warm colleagues. It’s where you could foster your professional growth and build a healthy personal life. In the end, we create a life-long relationship.

The “WHY” of work

Studies reveal that when you work with a purpose, it could boost your productivity and contribute to your overall happiness. Literally, it helps you to engage with jobs. It turns your job into a meaningful career, creating rooms for professional growth, and making positive social impacts.

Based on our mission, we are the bridge to connect your talents with interesting problems of clients out there. We hope in this journey, you could figure out the purpose of your role in our value chain. And you could find out the strong motivation to leverage your knowledge, your experiences, and your dedication to accelerating clients’ business efficiency and success.  

At Enlab, we seek for fabulous people who align with this vision. We communicate openly to find out your real career purpose and support you to achieve it. We value an environment where you can fulfill your maximum potential. That could be a challenge, but let’s challenge ourselves, and together we could reach the next level of software engineering.

Happiness is a science.

Life is short, and work is a big part of life. So, the work-life should be fulfilling and joyful. 

We believe happiness is a science, and we adopt different best practices to make people happy and productive at work. 

We’re growing a competent and diverse team who work toward professionalism and excellence but also empathize and support each other in the whole process. We work hard and work efficiently as a team in regular business hours. And then we go home. We value your life after work. That balance is essential to help you work well and recharge well. This is a strong foundation for your long-term career without burn-out.

We also build an environment of giving constructive feedback, the kind of feedback that leads to positive, self-motivated actions that improve your performance. And we celebrate your contributions from top-down, bottom-up and peer to peer. We hope these kinds of activities could help you deeply understand your value to the organization, to customers, to colleagues. After all, you could sense motivated, satisfied, and intrinsically happy.

Besides, we prepare some other
things for your comfort at work.

Flexible timings

Your working hours work on your own schedule. In the end, the result only matters.

Green and bright office

We built an office building that is surrounded by trees, lights, and fantastic views. We’ve got a collaborative lounge and ample breakout spaces for an efficient workflow.

Healthy working lifestyle

We prepare spacious cafeterias with healthy snacks and cooking machines for your happy belly. And yeah, some excellent coffees to make your day. And of course, some fitness tools to strengthen your muscles.

Door to peace and mindfulness

How about your mind and soul? We reserve one space in our office for practicing meditation. We believe this practice could help you to release stress, find calm back to your soul, and enjoy the mindfulness status.

“Learn-it-all" culture

We find the niches between project deadlines for providing mentor guides and seminars to train you. Take advantage to polish your skills and knowledge. We create an environment for a continuous-learning mindset. And we hope you share this mindset to grow better together.
Enlab Team - Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company

Last but not least, merit money

Pay rise, promotions, and top opportunities will come along with your professional development. Periodically.
Enlab Software Team - Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company

Our Core Values

There are some values we’re pursuing. If you see yourself in them, just team up!