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Programming is a long and exciting journey for aspiring engineers like us to roll in. We work, learn, and reflect every day, project after project. We receive a lot of support from enthusiastic tech communities to eliminate our real-world bottleneck and broaden our knowledge on the way. We appreciate it all and long to pay it forward. With that in mind, we set up Enlab Blog, which covers our practices and experiences in every part of the software development lifecycle, along with our favorite tech stacks: .NET, Flutter, Angular, Node.js, Python (Django/Flask), Microservices, C#, React, DevExpress, DevExtreme, SQL Server, MongoDB, Azure, AWS and more.

As a Vietnam software development company, we are also happy to share the best practices for outsourcing software development to a Vietnam team. We hope all these ins and outs of Vietnam software culture can help you outsource effectively and confidently.

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