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Digital transformation is a fundamental business strategy that helps your company not only survive but also thrive. During this journey, you might likely need tailor-made software that fits your exact business specifications or reengineering of your existing software projects. Whatever it is, we have you covered.

Our Services

Application Customization

Application Customization

Commercial off-the-shelf software could support your business economically but not cover all your unique workflows. It’s time to approach hybrid to leverage the pros of COTS while accessing the tailor-made features for your needs and your budget. Our expertise could make sure your system is dynamic, user-friendly with cutting-edge technology solutions, reliable API, and data integration.
Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Legacy applications often consume a lot of time from your employees and trap them within limitations. We are at your back to improve your outdated system with the latest tools and technologies. A well-designed legacy modernization solution could help you to streamline your operation, promote your transparency, drive your employee’s efficiency, and meet the evolving market demands.
Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

There are common cases for performance optimization like sluggish web and mobile applications, poorly written codes and slow database queries, wrong and unscalable architecture. Whatever it is, we will handle your requirements with a systematic approach, propose solutions tailored for your issues, and deliver in the fastest way.
Bug Fixing

Bug Fixing

Bug-free is a myth. At Enlab, we provide a professional bug fixing service to help you handle from minor to critical bugs, from technical to business rule bugs. By figuring out the technologies, capabilities, and implementations needed to improve, we create a strategy and perform the product refactoring as required.
Project Rescue

Project Rescue

Sometimes, you encounter poor deliveries, and your development projects end mid-way. Whatever the cause is, our team could help you get back on track. Our proven method starts with in-depth analysis, a tailored strategy, and an action plan to guide you through the progress, which puts you back to control and satisfaction.

We Put Quality First!

You can’t buy confidence. But together, we could team up to build confidence through the quality of delivery.

Cutting-edge technology stack

Cutting-edge tech trends are in a constant state of flux. At Enlab, we try our best to combine our industry insights with the latest trends to attentively come up with smart tech solutions that solve your business’s problems in the most effective way but still keep you staying ahead of the tech curves.

Proven expertise across domains and verticals

After years of working in offshore custom software development, we keep our effort consciously and continuously building up our knowledge base and competencies across domains and in a wide range of business verticals.

Access to Agile Management’s benefits

We put Agile at the heart of our management to give our clients’ participation a high priority from the very beginning of the development cycle. The open involvement allows us to catch defects and make changes throughout the process quickly. In the end, we end up with goal-based products that clients are happy, which saves them time, money, and even worries.
Clean Code

Clean and maintainable code base

Even bad code can function. But poorly written code could destroy countless hours and resources in our development efforts and bring a great deal of potential hidden damages to customer’s business. Every day, we strive to raise our professional values via our software craftsman. It's a win-win situation where we could build trust with customers, and in the meantime, we also become better programmers.

Test more and worry less

Testing is critical to the quality of delivery. Based on the essence of each project, we could provide manual testing, automation testing, and performance testing to flexibly fit your projects’ requirements as well as your budgets.

Ongoing maintenance and support

We treasure long-lasting relationships, so our partnership doesn’t end after delivery. We are willing to support you with minor issues. To mitigate the significant risks, we offer tailored maintenance and support packages via SLAs. Our efforts will focus on keeping your product stable and secure with comprehensive plans for backup and data recovery.

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