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Flooring & Carpet Information System

Domain: Procurement

Technologies: ASP.NET, Telerik UI, and SQL Server

Engagement model: Staff Augmentation

A fascinating challenge of this project was meeting a tight deadline to release the system. We were given an incomplete project with only source code and about 6 weeks to go live with the product.



We were approached by a software consulting company based in Melbourne with a mission to go live with a web application that was uncompleted by their previous software development team. It was a big challenge finishing the application and going live in just 6 weeks while the code was poorly structured and coded.

Immediately after receiving the source code, we set up and run the application in our environment to explore the business flows and source code. With the help from our client via an intensive Q&A process in the next few days, we found a way to finish the mission.

The code wasn’t structured and written well and that caused a lot of defects and instability. We came up with a strategy to fix the defects with the current structure and implement the remaining features with a new code structure that is easy to understand, maintain, and enhance.

Delivery Approach

  1. Understand the challenge via an initial call with the client discussing the problem.
  2. Define a strategy by review existing source code and features implemented.
  3. A team with developers and testers is formed to fix defects with current architecture & code structure while implementing new features with new code structure.
  4. Test and go live with the product.
  5. Refactor old code and gradually move to new code structure to be readable, maintainable, and easy to enhance.
  6. Enhance the system by developing new modules that smoothly integrate.


The project was completed on time, on budget, and customer satisfaction. The success brought customer confidence to develop and integrate other modules into the system that made a central business information system as the client expected.

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