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Procurement and Invoicing

Domain: Procurement

Technologies: .Net,, Devexpress, Microsoft SQL Server.

Engagement Model: Dedicated Team

This is a straightforward procurement desktop application that is customized for managing invoices and streamline the payment process with customers. This project was requested by our partner in Australia, who was initially a client, and then they had turned into the strategic partner when we all came up with good deliveries.


The Challenge

The challenge of this project was vague requirements from the partner. We received a video that described the final reports of payments. Based on this, we defined the features for the application, including creating and managing the invoices, emailing invoices to customers, managing the payment process, exporting monthly reports.

After getting approval from the client about technology solutions, we dedicated the developer and delivered the project every week for review and feedback. The application was successfully released after one month with happiness from the partner.


Delivery Approach

  1. Understand business requirements.
  2. Create a proposal and get approval from the partner.
  3. Milestone-based development.
  4. Release and maintain the application afterward.



The client was happy with the outcome, and the web application went live smoothly. We’ve recently got the extension of the project to build more features.


• Invoice Management:


•  Payment Management


  • Collaboration with customers


•  Monthly Report




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