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Agile Offshore Software Development

Enlab Software is your trusted partner in digital transformation, based in Danang, Vietnam. At our core, we provide Agile Offshore Software Development for enterprises, startups, IT consulting vendors, and digital agencies across the sea: US-led standards with Vietnam-based costs.

Quick facts about Enlab

+10 Years industry experience
+25 Clients ready to recommend us
+50 Projects dependably delivered

And the fact about the name "Enlab"

It's the abbreviation of Enterprise Lab. Our mission is to help transform the way people do business and increase the overall productivity and efficiency via delivering smart enterprise solutions.

One Team. One Dream.

We are engineers coming from different experiences and backgrounds – but have the same passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies to construct world-class digital products. On the way to contributing to the customer’s success, we become mature in our career and find a purposeful and meaningful life.
Vinh Tran Phuong Tran Thinh.Dang Quynh Nguyen Loan ARat Manh Nguyen Yeu Ho Trung Le Huy Nguyen Nhan Truong Quynh Nguyen Van Trung Nguyen Dat Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Hau Nguyen Giang Ton Hoang Ho Hoang Phan Huy Phan Khang Nguyen Linh Hoang Nguyen Linh Nguyen Long Nguyen Na Doan Nam Tran Thien Ho Trang Tran Trong Le Trong Nguyen Dat Luong Tu Phan Tuan Nguyen

Our quality standards

From vision to implementation, our team works closely to translate your ideas into industry-leading software, mobile, and web applications that advance your business in the digital age. We put the quality of delivery at the heart of our culture, forming our company standards to guide us through the diverse and complex world. So, what are they?

  • High functionality solutions tailored for your industry domains
  • Stay updated with modern technology stacks
  • Secure, scalable, and maintainable
  • High performing, 99% guaranteed uptime
  • Integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure
  • Delight your users, boost the engagement and retention
  • Agile and transparency 
  • On-time and on-budget

Our Approach


We’re obsessed with driving business value for our clients. In the initial phases, we spend time to carefully clarify and break down your project requirements to gain a deep understanding of the problems you are facing. Combined with our industry knowledge, we strive for the optimal solutions that could create the highest impact on your business and your audience.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery is enabled through our deployment pipeline to ensure visibility, instant feedback, and continuous deployment.


Strive to gain testing and customer feedback early

Customer feedback is a critical part of the delivery lifecycle, and we facilitate your continuous feedback from the early phases. It enables our teams to respond quickly to changes, mitigate risks early and adjust priorities as appropriate. Our team is friendly and professional. You could communicate directly to resolve any concerns instantly.

Establish a collaborative environment

Poor communication can result in poor artifact handoffs, additional costs, and project delays. We organize the team for the best communication toward the shared goal of improved software delivery. We also develop our own management tools for team members to exchange ideas, plan, organize tasks, and track progress.

Build trust through each iteration

We work at our best to deliver the excellent outcomes that meet your expectations. But also, we set the complete transparency between us and are open even when things aren’t going smoothly. And of course, we own the responsibility for everything we do.

Improve the speed of application delivery

As agile development entered the mainstream and evolved, this led to the evolution of DevOps. To faster the speed of delivery and eliminate errors when deploying to multiple environments, we apply DevOps practices within our delivery management.


Keep improving

The world of technology is moving fast. The business expects us to act with speed and flexibility. As a result, we’re always learning and honing our skills to improve the overall performance.

“All in all, we put our mind, our heart, our instinct, and our philosophy to bring you the highest-quality software with the most rapid delivery and the affordable cost.”

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