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Digital solutions are omnipresent in businesses nowadays. Anyone who has ever created a technology solution understands how critical the right choice of the tech stack is. We utilize a list of up-to-date programming languages, frameworks, databases, and platforms to turn your ideas into great digital products. Here you can solve your business challenges by building web apps based on scalable backend solutions (like .NET, Python, Node, and Microservices…) and intuitive, delightful frontend (React, Angular, Vue.js,…), as well as cross-platform application development using Flutter.

Tech We Use

You can reach out and tell us about your development plan. We will consult the options most suited to your business needs, helping you address your business challenges and accelerate time to market.

Domain We Experience

After years of working in offshore custom software development, we keep our effort consciously and continuously build up our knowledge base and competencies across domains and in a wide range of
business verticals.

Why Should You Choose Enlab?

With over 10+ years of working in this offshore software industry, we truly understand its pros and cons. Instead of acquiring as many clients as possible and letting them go with frustration and poor deliveries, we try our best to establish a long-term relationship based on a strong commitment to transparency and integrity.

High quality comes first High quality comes first

To ensure the highest code quality and appropriate functioning of the end solution, we use a traceability matrix, regular code reviews, and cross-reviews. Enlab teams always follow quality assurance standards throughout the software development life cycles and apply different types of testing, so your software works smoothly without any malfunctions.

30-min free consultation 30-min free consultation

We are always willing to help you. By sharing your project details – like scope, timeframes, or business challenges, our team will provide you with a tailored consultation. We constantly strive to build applications that help our clients transform how people do business and increase their overall productivity and efficiency.

Transparent costs Transparent costs

Clients always know their total costs, for what, when the project will be delivered, and who is working on it. The price depends on the project scope and complexity, the required features, licenses and tech costs of chosen technologies, the engagement model, desired project deadlines, and any feature changes. No secrets, no hidden fees, no headaches.

Qualified software developers Qualified software developers

All developers pass a series of interviews with HR, technical leads, and project managers before joining our teams. They share the same passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies to build working software development for clients worldwide. You can hire our domain-experienced software engineers for your project, so you can focus on your business goals and strategy.

On-time project delivery On-time project delivery

By leveraging the latest technologies to accelerate the software development process, we ensure you complete your project on schedule, per specification, and within budget. The Work Breakdown Structure document will give you a comprehensive picture of the project's scope, milestones and releases roadmap, deliverables, sub-deliverables, work packages, and dependencies.

Strict data security Strict data security

To ensure the security of your data, we will sign Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) at the outset. Appropriate security policies, methodologies, and protection procedures are implemented and followed to protect your data. We regularly update the plans to manage compliance breaches and educate our employees to adhere to the client's security regulations.

Complete transparency and integrity Complete transparency and integrity

The Enlab-Client communication flow is built on complete transparency and integrity. We are flexible in communication schedule and frequency to provide regular updates and a constant feedback cycle, even when things aren’t going smoothly. We work at our best to deliver excellent outcomes that meet your expectations.

Flexible engagement models Flexible engagement models

We provide our clients with three types of contracts for software development projects: Fixed Price, Time & Material, and Dedicated Team. Our team can consult and help you choose the best model for your needs. Clearly communicating your expectations and choosing a suitable pricing model can go a long way to achieving success.

Effective Agile methodologies Effective Agile methodologies

We put Agile at the heart of our management to prioritize our clients’ participation from the beginning of the development cycle. Open involvement allows us to quickly catch defects and make changes throughout the process. Ultimately, we end up with goal-based products that clients are happy with, saving them time, money, and even worries.

90-days maintenance and support 90-day maintenance and support

We treasure long-lasting relationships, so our partnership doesn't end after delivery. We are ready to support you with minor issues. To mitigate the significant risks, we offer tailored maintenance and support packages via SLAs. Our efforts will keep your product stable and secure with complete backup and data recovery plans.

Flexible Engagement Models for Your Demand

  • Great fit with “compact” projects with clear requirements.
  • Billed based on agreed milestones and deliverables.
  • Never exceed your budget. Experience your peace of mind.
Dedicated Team
  • Fit with large or long-term projects with evolving requirements.
  • Broaden your development team with your full control.
  • Welcome for flexibility.
Staff Augmentation
  • Suit for medium to large projects with various iterations.
  • Welcome for flexibility, changes, and transparency.
  • Backed by Certified Scrum Master.
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