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Why Enlab with Microservices?

Microservices are an architectural approach for componentized software solutions. You can apply it to build applications that include many loosely coupled and independently deployable small services. Microservices architectures make applications faster to develop and easier to scale, especially large, complex applications, enabling innovation and speeding up time-to-market for new features.

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Address the issue of complexity by breaking down applications into a collection of services that can be created, tested, and delivered much more quickly.



Continuous delivery
Microservices enable regular releases of software and upgrades.



Data isolation
Because only one microservice is impacted, it is much easier to implement schema modifications.



Fault isolation
If a single microservice becomes unavailable, it won’t disrupt the entire application.



Code repair and version upgrades are limited to a single service and don’t affect the whole application.



Thanks to the isolation of small services, you can respond to changes quickly by add features to services separately and concurrently. Services can be scaled separately instead of the whole application.



Faster iterations and reduced downtime can increase your business revenue.



Focused teams
Enable each service to be developed independently by a team that is dedicated to that service.

Components of Microservices Architecture
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Microservices development services

When Do You Need to Use Microservices?


  • Your application is big enough.
  • When you want your application to accommodate scalability, agility, flexibility, and delivery speed.
  • If you’re creating a highly agile application that demands swift speed of delivery, innovation, and more.
  • When you have standalone business apps/modules that must be reused across diverse channels.
  • When you need to rewrite your legacy apps in today’s programming languages or tech stacks to keep up with modern-day business requirements and solutions.
Our Microservices Development Services

Microservices-Microservices_design and development Microservices Design and Development

Our seasoned solution architects and senior engineers will cover the entire cycle of Microservices design and development, including business analysis, project scoping, solution architecture, services design and development, testing, DevOps, monitoring and maintenance.

Microservices-Custom_software_services_2 Migration to Microservices

Your monolithic applications and older systems can be migrated to a Microservices-based system utilizing the Microservices architectural design. Our solution architects can help you fully utilize modern cloud architectures using container technology to support the cloud transition using Agile and DevOps processes.

Microservices-consulting service Microservices Consulting Service

Either start a new or migrate an existing project; we conduct in-depth research and assessment of your current technology infrastructure and applications. Microservices consulting will help you understand how to leverage the existing technology and develop modular architecture with cost-effective solutions that align with your organization and practices.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?
Are Microservices and Monolithic architectures different?

Yes. An application built utilizing the Microservices architecture will have many independent components that will run each process as a service. This makes it easy to update, deploy services and scale up operations to meet the increased demand for certain software application functions.

Meanwhile, in a monolithic application, all the software application processes are tightly coupled together and run as one service. The entire system must be scaled if the demand for one process increases. With the expansion of the code base, it is also difficult to add or enhance functionality or put new concepts into practice.

Is REST API a Microservice?

No. REST API is not a Microservice; they refer to very different things. Microservices are more about designing and structuring the system, whereas REST API is about exposing those Microservices.

Are Microservices better suited for building high-load applications?

Yes. Microservices may be scaled individually, making them ideal for applications with heavy loads. One service can be scaled up without affecting the others if it receives more traffic than the others. This makes it possible to use resources more efficiently and guarantees that the program can continue functioning even under heavy traffic.

Flexible Engagement Models for Your Demand

  • Great fit with “compact” projects with clear requirements.
  • Billed based on agreed milestones and deliverables.
  • Never exceed your budget. Experience your peace of mind.
Dedicated Team
  • Fit with large or long-term projects with evolving requirements.
  • Broaden your development team with your full control.
  • Welcome for flexibility.
Staff Augmentation
  • Suit for medium to large projects with various iterations.
  • Welcome for flexibility, changes, and transparency.
  • Backed by Certified Scrum Master.
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