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Freezer Monitoring & Management

Domain: Data Management

Technologies: .NET, Telerik, SQLite

Engagement model: Dedicated team

A desktop application to provide electronic monitoring and management of freezers used for the storage of biological materials. The software communicates directly with each freezer’s controller and utilizes the data provided by the controllers to monitor temperature, liquid nitrogen (LN2) levels, and alarm status of each freezer. The system will be installed on the client’s equipment and will allow the user to remotely access the system to resolve issues and alarms.


The Challenge

The client wanted to build a desktop application that can be used to monitor and manage their biological materials freezer devices. We were given a business requirement document that roughly explained the idea of the application.

A business analyst started reviewing the business requirements document and went through several meetings with the client to define a requirement specifications document as a starting point for the development to kick off.

Two developers and a QA started developing the application and delivered every 2 weeks for client review and feedback. The application was successfully released after 4 months with happiness from the client.


Delivery Approach

  1. Understand business requirements via an initial call with the client
  2. Analyze and define software requirement specifications with the client
  3. Develop and deliver the software applying Scrum framework
  4. Release and maintain the application afterward.



The client was very happy with the result as they wouldn’t think they had a great application with vague business requirements handed over to the team. The client was very supportive when reviewing and providing feedback for every delivery we made. This was definitely an important factor to be successful together.



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