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Cloud-based Data Management Platform

Domain: Data Management

Technologies: Python/Django, PostgreSQL, Celery Crontab, Bootstrap 3, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3, Amazon Cloud

Engagement model: Staff Augmentation

A cloud-based data management platform used for collecting and managing data in real-time. This allows businesses to identify audience segments based on big data and machine learning algorithms. This is used to be an incomplete product development of a startup that we were requested to rescue.


The Challenge

Again, this project started with vague requirements from the client and the existing source code. These code wasn’t structured and written well which ended up with a lot of defects and instability.

Right after getting access to the source code, we spent a few hours for review and decided to develop a new project with Django. In the meantime, we migrated the existing code to this new project. The code was reorganized in modules in order for a better structure, maintenance, and scalability in the future.


Delivery Approach

  1. Understand the project and customer’s expectations on the first day
  2. Come up with a solution to implement the project features in a new structure and merge/refactor with the old code.
  3. Implement new features in the new project structure and refactor the code to improve performance and quality.



We completed the demo on time with good quality, which facilitated the client to have a successful demo with his customers afterward. One year later, the startup ran well and had been sold to another company. We continued to work with the new team to implement new features and supported the transfer with proper documentation.


Finally, the project ended after a few months when the new team took full control of this product. For us, it was an interesting project in which we could deliver high quality and make clients happy.


• Upload and process data with machine learning algorithms.








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