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Talent Marketplace Platform for HR Recruiting

Domain: Marketplace, Recruitment

Technologies: C#, .NET core 3.1, Angular 9, AWS

Engagement model: Dedicated team

The mission is an exciting idea that came from a young and enthusiastic startup in Australia. Flyp is a professional network for the gig economy that connects thousands of frontline workers to employers in different industries like warehouses, logistics, catering, hospitality, security, delivery, retail, administrative, support, grocery, etc.

This online platform is an easy-to-use tool to create professional online resumes with a video introduction, skills, experiences, certifications, and references to frontline workers. To gig employers, Flyp is the unlimited labor pool to hire pre-screen workers, which takes all the hassle out of the short-term job recruitment process.

The Challenges

Flyp is a web app that needs to be responsive to different screen resolutions and browsers. One of this platform's main features is providing video resumes for workers to introduce themselves to employers. Hence, this project's critical challenge was to figure out a solution to record and make sure all the videos were displayed well on different mobile devices.

To resolve these issues, we integrated the app with the Media Record API to smoothly record, process, and save the video. We also used CDN to increase video download and upload speed. At the same time, iOS s14 was released with several different features. It required us to make sure the video fit well with the latest release of Apple. Thankfully, the hard work of Enlab developers paid off with a perfect display on Android and iOS mobile devices after two months. 

To maintain smooth communication between clients and our developers, we conducted different video calls, skype, and emails. We went along with a delivery iteration of 2 weeks. With appropriate English and communication skills, we clarified and translated the business requirements into well-workable software.

Delivery Approach

  1. User stories and scope of work were given by product owners.
  2. Define system architecture and deployment model to get approval from the client.
  3. Define project phases and release roadmap.
  4. Delivery features by features in an interactive manner that includes development, testing, deployment, and feedback. 


Although the app went live one week after the plan due to the release of iOS14, the client is still happy with the application quality we committed. Let’s check out several features:

For frontline workers:

  • Video stories


flyp - Online platform for hiring blue-collar workers - Video streaming


  • References and experiences


flyp - Online platform for hiring blue-collar workers - Worker resume builder 1


  • Online professional profile


flyp - Online platform for hiring blue-collar workers - Worker resume builder 2


For gig employers:

  • Browsing and hiring


flyp - Online platform for hiring blue-collar workers - Hiring workers - Australia

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