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Appointment Booking System for Beauty Marketplace

Domain: Marketplace

Technologies: ASP.NET Core (C#) with Azure Functions, Azure B2C, Azure SQL Database, Flutter (iOS, Android), Firebase, Angular 9, Devextreme, Bootstrap 4.

Engagement model: Dedicated team

This mobile-friendly platform is a beauty marketplace exclusively designed to connect beauty salons, professional artists, and specialists with their customers via online stores anytime, anywhere, with just several touches. The application keeps online booking, reminder, live chat, in-app payment, and rating all in one place, which creates a seamless alignment between marketing and operation, and effectively automates day-to-day activities in salons. Available on Appstore and Google Play.


The Challenge

Firstly, all we had initially was vague requirements with a set of UI from the clients. We worked very closely with clients and end-users via video call, chatting, and email to turn all business requirements into clear software requirement specifications, concrete product roadmaps, sprints, and deliveries. These tasks require our good communication skills and strong business analysis skills to work with clients smoothly. 

Secondly, as the timeline was quite tight, we suggested using Flutter technology to build natively compiled Appstore and Google Play applications from a single codebase. Within two months, we successfully delivered a demo version to the satisfaction of the client.

Lastly, the beauty business domain was relatively new to us for the time being. Fortunately, thanks to the client's generous support, we could quickly adopt all the main logic and turn it into workable software.


Delivery Approach

  1. Understand the scope of work and discuss upcoming features via calls and emails.
  2. Define system architecture, project phases, and the first demo to get approval from the client.
  3. Release features by features in the sprints, including development, testing, deployment, and feedback.
  4. Use Microsoft's Azure DevOps for project collaboration.


The demo version was released successfully which brought the client the confidence to demo and initiate marketing activities to the Thailand market. We are currently working closely with each other for further development. 


  • Digital profile, and social rating.

Case study - Beauty Marketplace


  • Artist profile and booking management.

Beauty 2


  • Livechat & in-app payment

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