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No-Code Website Builder App

Domain: Marketplace

Technologies we used: Flutter, Nodejs, Angular, AWS, Firebase Messaging, Firebase Analytics.
Services provided: Mobile app development (iOS), Software architecture, and Manual testing.
Engagement model: Project-based

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, website builders have emerged as a game-changer, reshaping the entire process of website creation. In response to this trend, our Korean client came to us with the request to build their fully functional website builder platform that runs on any iOS device and is compatible with the web and iPad. Their vision was to offer a user-friendly, low-code/no-code approach to website creation, empowering users of all backgrounds and skill levels to design and manage their stunning websites with simplicity and ease.

Discover how our client's website builder platform including key features that helped end-users boost their online presence and reach their goals by:

  • Creating and publishing your stunning and customizable landing pages in minutes, with no programming skills required.
  • Displaying your story, product launches, campaigns, and more with various built-in and supported widgets and templates on the fly.
  • Personalize your landing pages with your brand's colors, fonts, and logo.
  • Reaching more followers, customers, and fans and generating more leads.
  • Monitoring your landing page's performance and optimizing your content with built-in analytics.


The challenges our team has met

Our first challenge was conducting a thorough technical analysis and assessment of the existing, outdated software to identify the main issues and set out to fix everything step by step. Our engineers then set up the required AWS infrastructure and architecture to host and deploy the app. This involved configuring servers, setting up databases, migrating the existing data from the old app, and ensuring the app's security and scalability.

The next hurdle involved delivering an iOS version compatible with both iPad and web within a tight 8-week timeframe. To streamline the process and optimize resources for our client, we leveraged Flutter to reuse code for both versions efficiently. Also, implementing the Agile methodology allowed us to set clear project sprints and a well-defined roadmap for smooth progress. Our quality assurance engineer was critical in ensuring the application met quality standards, functioning correctly, and was defect-free before release.

We often conducted biweekly online meetings with the product owner, who is a non-technical person. Our primary focus during these sessions was to provide clear technical explanations, present deliverables, address any roadblocks, and receive valuable client feedback. By maintaining this open, transparent, and collaborative communication, we ensured that our client was always informed and engaged in the development process.

Delivery approach

  • Gather requirements through face-to-face meetings with the product owner.
  • Delineate the scope of work and product specifications.
  • Develop the system architecture and implement the first demo to get approval from our client.
  • Define well-defined project phases and a clear release roadmap.
  • Coordinate the project, monitor work progress, and foster collaboration with the client team using Jira.
  • Deliver features by features in an interactive manner that includes designing, development, testing, deployment, and feedback.


The results

We accomplished the project within budget and exceeded the client's expectations. What's more exciting was implementing the Admin Panel advanced feature independently. By leveraging our extensive experience working on various Admin Panel projects, we took the initiative to implement this feature using Angular. The Admin Panel was completed and catered precisely to our client's needs, resulting in significant resource savings.

The new app is available on the App Store, with a user-friendly interface, enhanced features, and improved performance. Our client was highly content with our work and expressed their interest in working with us again in upcoming ventures.

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Want to know more about the app? Here are some of its key features! (under NDA)


  • Template selection on iOS devices.

Template selection on iOS devices

  • Catalog & Homepage on iOS devices.

Catalog andHomepage on iOS devices.

  • Homepage and Visitor dashboard on iPad.

Homepage and Visitor dashboard on iPad

  • Widget details on desktop.

Widget details on desktop.

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