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Resource Recruitment

Domain: Recruitment

Technologies: ASP.NET, KnockoutJS, DevExtreme, SQL Server, Azure cloud

Engagement model: Dedicated Team

A comprehensive web-based applicant tracking and customer relationship management solution for recruitment agencies and employers. It allows users to shortlist, document, track, and keep email conversation history, and many more powerful activities in the resource recruitment industry.

The Challenge

We were approached by the client to develop a modern web-based SaaS platform running in the Azure cloud. Database and UI design were given with the mission to develop a highly scalable and modern web application to serve millions of users.

After reviewing the database design, the team built the system architecture and got approval from the client before proceeding with implementation. With the database & UI design provided, the requirements were clear, so the team followed a stable process to develop, test, and deploy feature by feature.

The challenge came up when users requested customization for their business processes. The team addressed this challenge with custom fields in the database and thanks to DevExtreme UI components, the job was done rather easily with high stability.


Delivery Approach

  1. Understanding database design & business requirements.
  2. Define system architecture and get approval from the client.
  3. Implement features by features in sprint-based delivery that includes development, testing, deployment, and feedback.



The project was completed, and the application was launched successfully. Using Azure cloud for hosting, the application scaling was being taken care of by Azure, and we had to only focus on implementing business requirements. The success of launching the application led to the maintenance and enhancement phase that required us to extend the project as an ongoing one. 


Shortlist & Tracking

Know your applicants inside out with comprehensive profiles that give you the data you need for better decisions.


• Intuitive Search

A quick search allows finding a quick match with your query. Advanced search allows narrowing down your search result at ease



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