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Hotel Management System

Domain: ERP

Technologies: C#, .NET, .NET Remoting, NHibernate, NUnit, MS Enterprise Services.

Engagement model: Dedicated team

An exclusive ERP to streamline and standardize the operation of small/medium hotels and resorts. This system includes different modules: Reporting service, HRM, Reservations, Front Desk, POS cashier, POS touch, Room status, and Laundry.

The Challenge

As a 5-star hotel, the ultimate goal of the product owner was to have an integrated system that can be used to manage all operations across departments and business units, except for the accounting department, as the hotel was using a legacy accounting software system.

The first challenge was how to deliver the system in multiple milestones where each milestone is a working software. The second challenge was to integrate the legacy accounting system.

We decided to focus on the high priority modules like POS and Front Desk, and deliver high-demand features like taking orders, guess reservation, etc. To integrate with a legacy accounting system, we provided a reporting module where the accountant can export records about revenue and cost to import into the accounting system.

Delivery Approach

  1. Requirement gathering by interviewing, face-to-face meetings with end users and the product owner. 
  2. Get approval from the product owner about software requirements and scope of work.
  3. Define system architecture and deployment model to get approval from the client.
  4. Define project phases and release roadmap.
  5. Delivery features by features in an interaction manner that includes development, testing, deployment, and feedback. 


The result was an integrated system that includes modules Reservation, Front-desk, POS cashier, POS touch, Room service, Laundry, Reports, and HRM, where each module simplified the process of each department and business unit.


Provide quick access to data collected from all departments and business units.

Hotel Management System - Dashboard

Room booking management

Front-desk module was developed for the front office department to process from reservations to night auditing and guess checkout.

Hotel Management - Room booking management

Room service

Used by room service staff in keeping track of room status and reporting.

Hotel Management System - Room service status

POS Touch

The POS system is for cashiers to management table reservations and complete points of sales transactions.

Hotel Management System - POS Touch

Laundry service

This module was developed for the laundry services to take new orders, tracking their status and recording laundry revenue.

Hotel Management System - Laundry Managment

Reporting service

This module was developed to provide reporting access for management level and also acts as a tool for accountants to extract revenue and cost data of all business units for their accounting purposes.

Hotel Management System - Reporting

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