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Distribution Management Software

Domain: ERP

Technologies: Flutter, Offline Database, Rest API, Google Map, Push Notification, and Firebase.

Engagement model: Project-based

As one of the leading F&B businesses in Vietnam, Uniben specializes in manufacturing instant noodles, rice porridge, noodle soup, fish sauce, soya sauce, seasoning, and beverages to serve local and export demands. When making orders for their customers, their salespeople usually move through areas without an internet connection. They realize how essential offline mode is in distribution management apps for sales teams to complete orders and increase sales even without an internet connection. That is why Uniben requested us to build a cross-platform mobile distribution management application with an offline mode for their salespeople.

It is an easy-to-use solution that offers numerous benefits for sales teams:

  • Streamline the order management processes anytime, anywhere, and increase sales faster and more effectively.
  • Manage full visibility of order status (placed and supplied), left inventory, order history, payments, invoices, and so on.
  • Save the activities performed offline in the phone’s memory, which auto-syncs into the application when it arrives online.
  • Design surveys and collect customer feedback for satisfaction, shop updates, inventory, products, post-event analysis, and market research to improve the customer experience.
  • View product catalogs with images, prices, and product details to make fast, efficient quotes.
  • Get up-to-date notifications of trade promotions, discounts, customer dashboards, order status, and more.
  • Utilize Google Maps integration to plot salespeople’s routes and add an address book with customer information, etc.
  • Quickly find products through organized categories, sub-categories, various filter options and lists, and name searches.

The challenges our team has met

Our first challenge was to help our client tackle the issue of their outdated user interface (UI). It was designed over ten years ago and no longer fulfills users' needs in today's market. They invested in extensive research and development for their application to provide the best user experience, enhance customer satisfaction, and maintain a competitive edge. What's more, Uniben also requested a more user-friendly, intuitive interface with smart interaction to streamline operations while still satisfying the demands of all essential execution phases.

After receiving the requirements and several designs, our team developed and prepared demos on real testing devices to demonstrate selected technologies and application workflow. We can gain our client's trust by delivering a high-quality system, meeting their requirements, and responding quickly.

The second challenge was a tight deadline. Our client wanted to build and release it to the market within three months, so we quickly built up a team and delivered the project based on milestones. We also leveraged modern technologies like Flutter to help fasten the development time on cross-platforms like iOS and Android devices as well as tablets. Following the Agile Kanban models, our client could easily control the project progress and give feedback just in case. If any issue arises, our team will consult with the client to agree on the scope of work.


Delivery approach

  1. Define the scope of work and product specifications.
  2. Define system architecture and implement the first demo to get approval from the client.
  3. Establish project phases and release roadmap.
  4. Deliver features by features in a continuous and incremental manner that includes development, testing, deployment, and feedback.


The results

After three months of implementation, the app was released to the market and is now available on Google Play and Apple Store. This project was completed on schedule, within budget, and helped their sales teams enhance operational efficiency significantly. Our client was happy with the outcomes and paid a visit to our office for more cooperation.


Here are some key features of the app (under NDA).

  • Online/Offline mode

Feature online and offline mode in app

  • Order management & Product Catalogue

Order management software and Product Catalogue

  • Discount management & Take photos of stores/shops

Discount management feature in order software

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