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Domain: ERP

Technologies: ASP.NET Core, Angular, DevExtreme, SQL Server, Microservice, Azure Cloud

Engagement Model: Dedicated Team

Eldesk is a featured brainchild of Enlab, which is one of our efforts in making our vision come true. Let's take a look at how we develop this cloud-based ERP product.

The Challenge

Eldesk is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps to run the entire business across functions and departments in 1 single workplace. It facilitates effective communication and collaboration. It automates the working process, improving the overall organizational productivity. Data is synchronized in one central place, improving analytics, reports, and data-driven decision making.

So far, Eldesk includes several key capabilities: Project management, Procurement, Inventory, Sales, Human resources, Accounting. As a result, complexity is the biggest challenge that we must overcome when developing Eldesk. An ERP System contains many modules and functions related to multiple business domains. The business rules of each domain are also complex, especially the rules for the Accounting/Finance module.

Another challenge in this project is finding a smart way to establish relationships among all modules, making sure for effective communication and collaboration.


Delivery Approach

•  Analyze the business domain:

The development process was started with a comprehensive business analysis. We spent time and resources researching and understanding knowledge of each module. We also connected with multiple experts in each domain. The point here is to make sure the whole team understands the workflow of operating an organization, relationships among all activities within an organization, and the demands of end-users. Based on those insights, we came up with a clear specification.

•  Define an action plan and roadmap:

Developing an ERP System requires a lot of time and resources, both in human and finance, so our team worked closely together to develop a detailed action plan and roadmap. Our goal was to optimize the use of resources and get the product launched on time.

•  Design user interface:

Our designers worked closely with the consultant team to design the user interface for each module. The team then reviewed these designs thoroughly before implementing them.

•  Development:

We split the project into different modules then develop each of them. The software development life cycle was divided into 2-week sprints. Our coding standard was established to ensure the code is easy to understand, maintain, and enhance. Each finished sprint was verified carefully by our QC team to make sure there is no defect before going live.

•  Maintenance and Support:

We continuously review and keep track of maintaining the application after the product launch. Our support and maintenance team is also available to help customers understand and perform correctly when using Eldesk ERP System.



Eldesk serves all of the necessary functions for an organization. It also can be easily customized so that the system perfectly fits with your business operations. We believe that ERP is a "must-have" solution for enterprises of all-size on the way to digital transformation.

At the same time, we continuously do R&D activities for developing new features to adapt to the changes in the business landscape and the ever-evolving of user-needs.


•  Project Management

Project management is a workplace to manage all projects and work items relating to each project in a company. The workflow is standardized to help all employees plan their work and collaborate effectively to get a task done. The automation report allows managers to catch up with working progress quickly. Also, you can organize and store documents online to share with the whole team.

Eldesk project management is a perfect way to eliminate paperwork, control labor costs, and increase productivity.


•  Accounting

Accounting module helps you to record and process all accounting transactions within an organization then track your revenues, expenses, and profits. Accounting is defined to have close connections with other modules for the sync of data. This helps accountants actively record all transactions on time.

Besides, Eldesk accounting also provides comprehensive, customizable, and real-time financial reporting so that the managers can monitor and understand their business finance easily.


•  Inventory

Inventory management is crucial to keep supply chains running smoothly. Eldesk inventory will help you to manage stock in and out quickly and correctly to make sure that your customers receive their orders accurately and on time.

Auto-calculating the cost of sold products by using multiple inventory calculation methods will save you a lot of time. We also auto-update inventory so that you can view your quantities on hand, track stock value in real-time. You will also be alerted when it's time to restock your inventory.


•  Human resources

HRM is a solution for you to effectively perform many human resource functions such as employee information management, timesheet and payroll, recruitment, training, performance analysis, award management,...  

Eldesk HRM will help you to easily generate timesheets and payrolls to save a lot of time. Also, employees can view their information, labor contract, timesheets, and payrolls to keep track and make sure all the information is accurate.


•  Sales

Sales and CRM are essential to any company. The sales module allows your sales team to speed up the lifecycle of selling products and services but still stay organized and productive.

The sales module will help you to record any prospects or opportunities then convert them into real customers. You can manage products, services, quotations, sales orders, invoices, and payment. Sales work closely with the Inventory module to ensure that your stock is enough to provide on time.




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