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Marketing Automation Platform

Domain: Marketing

Technologies: ASP .Net Core, Angular, DevExtreme, RESTful API, Cloud MongoDB, AWS cloud

Third-party Integration: Twilio, SendGrid, Mailgun, Facebook, Google, Zapier, Stripe, Intercom, Cuttly

Engagement model: Dedicated Team

It's an interesting project that we have been working on with a startup from New York, the US. It’s a cloud-based marketing automation platform that makes it easier for marketers to acquire customers, build loyalty, improve brand reputation, and communicate with customers in one place.

The Challenge

This comprehensive platform was built from scratch with a web app and mobile apps on Google Play and App Store. After receiving the requirements and several designs, we have worked closely with our client daily to turn ideas into stories and develop the system. As the client was a distributed team who was located at different places, we collaborated with each other via and Slack to ensure smooth work. 

The project followed the Agile Kanban models, and we delivered the apps continuously (normally once or twice a week). Through this model, the client could control the progress of the project easily and feedback constantly just in case.

Delivery Approach

  1. Understanding business requirements to design databases.
  2. Define system architecture and get approval from the client.
  3. Implement features by features in sprint-based delivery that includes development, testing, deployment, and feedback.


After 2 months, we successfully launched the Web app, which helped the client to get over 100 accounts (tenants) a couple of weeks later. Since then, the mobile apps were also available on Google Play and Apple Store.

At the moment, 1 year after the date we started developing the project, there are over 450 accounts with more than 800 users working stably on the system. We have gained the trust of our client and continue to work with them to move the project forward.


• Communicate with leads and customers across multiple channels: calls, voicemails, texts, emails, Facebook Messenger, and Live chat. Multiple conversations are gathered on one screen. Users could easily assign leads, create notes, and set reminders to follow up on the leads. 

Here are some key features of the app. (under NDA)

GoodFirms Screenshot 825x525px (2)


• Interactive dashboard for monitoring lead flows and sales team performance.

GoodFirms Screenshot 825x525px (1)



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