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Call Tracking & Recording Analytics

Domain: Marketing

Technologies: ASP.NET, Angular, DevExtreme, MongoDB, AWS cloud

Engagement model: Dedicated team

A difficult challenge we overcame in this project was fixing current defects and delivering new features for a live application that we took over from a software vendor. Meanwhile, we had to refactor the code to remove bad code, duplication, etc. to have a good foundation for future enhancement.


The Challenge

The client wanted to add more features to their product but faced a problem with the quality and stability of the software vendor. We were contacted and took the transfer of the complete application. Very quickly the team was assembled and started fixing defects on the third day.

The team decided to create two branches of source code. One for fixing current defects and one for refactoring and developing new features. The two branches ran in parallel for a few weeks before being merged back to the baseline.

Since then, the team followed a sprint-based delivery process to develop, test, feedback, and roll out new features and maintain the system with high stability. Thanks to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, we only worried about delivering features with the highest code quality.


Delivery Approach

  1. Understand the challenge via an initial call with the client to discuss the problem.
  2. Define a strategy by reviewing existing source code and current defects.
  3. A team of developers and testers is formed to fix defects while refactoring code and implementing new features.
  4. Gradually move to a new code structure to be readable, maintainable, and enhanceable.
  5. Enhance the system by developing new features.



The client was very happy with the fast turnaround. The success of launching the application led to the maintenance and enhancement phase that required us to extend the project as an ongoing one.


• Easy Setup

A few steps to set up your local numbers and integrate them with Google Ads & Analytics.

Here are some key features of the app. (Under NDA)

GoodFirms Screenshot 825x525px (4)


• Call Tracking & Phone Recording

Not only capture the number and duration of calls but also the recording, the application allows you to see the report visually and playback the calls easily.

(Under NDA)

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