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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template in Software Development


The significant benefit of partnering with an offshore development team is the ability to access quality software engineering talent at considerably lower market rates. In a sense, the success of an offshore software project comes at the balance between quality and cost. During the process of selecting the trusted offshore partner, how do you know that your partner is providing a reasonable price with the ability to implement what they promise?


The answer could be a big topic that needs to be discussed in different articles. But here, we would like to talk about Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and how we, as offshore software development companies, use it to deal with the uncertainty of cost estimation in custom software development at the early phase.


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This template’s benefits lie in breaking the project’s big picture down into smaller parts and components, which includes Work breakdown structure (WBS), milestones, release roadmap, allocated resources. You, therefore, get to cover the whole project scope detail by detail, step by step, and have the reliable indications to judge your partner’s capabilities at a high level.

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