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Property Management System

Domain: Real Estate

Technologies: Microsoft ASP .Net Core, RESTful API, Angular, DevExtreme, Microsoft SQL Server, Google Map Integration.

Engagement Model: Staff Augmentation

This is an integrated property management system designed for our client located in Australia, which helps to streamline the business process between Property Owners, Property Agencies, and Tenants or Buyers. This web application is a custom CRM system tailored for the real estate industry, replacing the paper-based method that is cumbersome and time-consuming.


The Challenges

We were requested to build this web application from scratch, so we had the flexibility to choose the optimal technology solution for business based on our expertise and designed it with a good structure from the very beginning. The proposal was quickly approved.

The system allows property owners and real estate agencies to collaborate via Authority, which is an agreement for leasing or selling this property. Every sales representative could manage all information related to the Property, Owner, Tenants, and Buyers, as well as the business process (Authorization, Leasing, Communication) in one comprehensive dashboard. All of the contracts (Lease/Sales) are automatically sent to emails and approved by online signatures. As a result, the process simplifies the workload of related parties and makes it easier and faster.

The team was assembled and delivered every 2 weeks for client review and feedback. The application was successfully released after a few months with happiness from the client.


Delivery Approach

  1. Understand business requirements via initial call with the client.
  2. Create a proposal and get approval from the client.
  3. Milestone-based development and delivery of the software.
  4. Release and maintain the application afterward.

The results

The client was happy with the outcome, and the web application went live smoothly. We’re given more opportunities to develop other modules to make this application more feature-rich.

Property Management

Property Management System


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