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Employees & Contractor Portals (CPM)

Domain: Construction

Technologies: Microsoft ASP .Net Core, RESTful API, SQL Server, Angular, Devextreme, Progressive Web Apps

Engagement Model: Staff Augmentation

This is a custom construction management system (CPM) which helps to manage employees, contractors, equipment, and also streamline operation and inspection processes. We received the offer from a software vendor based in Brisbane, Australia to build the system from scratch.


The Challenge

The web portal is responsible for onboarding management regarding engineers and contractors. The construction firms could easily manage the e-profiles of employees and contractors. They are also able to provide online induction, training, and tests to prepare a thorough overview of each construction project and get every project member ready onboard. Check-in - checkout management, equipment handover status are digitized to make these workflows efficient. Along with the web portal, the mobile app supports the inspection process on-the-go with online forms and online signature approval.

The challenge in this project was to understand the business domain and came up with the approved proposal quickly. The team was assembled with developers and testers to deliver projects based on milestones.


Delivery Approach

  1. Understand business requirements via initial call with the client
  2. Create a proposal and got approval from the client
  3. Milestone-based develop and deliver the software
  4. Release and maintain the application afterward.



The client was happy with the outcomes of several initial sprints and had plans to work with us for future features.


Onboarding Management




Checkin-checkout management, meeting kick-off



Equipment management


Inspection Mobile Form




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