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Custom AI Chatbot Development for Help Assistant

Domain: AI

Technologies we used: RASA, S-BERT, BLOOM, PEFT, Accelerate, Causal Language Modeling, Sanic and NGINX.
Duration: Feb 2022 until now.
Services provided: Custom software development.

Engagement model: Project-based

Project Overview

In the age of across-the-board digitalization, our Vietnam-based client has developed a comprehensive platform for streamlining business and operation management. They seek our expertise to elevate their product by building and embedding an AI-powered chatbot into their web app, enhancing system efficiency and user engagement.

Revolutionize your customer support with a 24/7 AI-powered chatbot. No more office visits, no more waiting lines. Users get their product questions answered instantly, anytime, through our client's user-friendly web app. This translates to reduced costs, streamlined operations, and happier customers.


The challenges our team has met

The first obstacle was to gain a comprehensive understanding of our client's system's business domain and components. This required an in-depth analysis of the system’s functionality to define the scope of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that users might have. Through online meetings and collaboration, we created a detailed knowledge map of crafting the chatbot's dialogue flow and ensuring it addressed real user pain points and potential queries. Even with evolving client business needs, we embraced Agile methodologies to seamlessly integrate updates to new logic, data models, and APIs, minimizing downtime and maximizing user satisfaction.

The second, more daunting challenge was on the technical front. We aimed to build a robust, clean dataset and select the appropriate Vietnamese Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm. This task was critical to ensure the system could accurately interpret and respond to user inquiries. We conducted extensive research and experiments with various datasets and algorithms, running multiple simulations to determine the best fit for Vietnamese NLP, and finally settling on a hybrid approach that balanced performance and accuracy. Additionally, we had to ensure that our server infrastructure could handle a large user base without compromising on speed or efficiency. This involved optimizing our code and implementing scalable cloud solutions.


Delivery approach

  1. Understand the scope of work and discuss upcoming features via calls and emails.
  2. Define system architecture and implement the first demo to get approval from the client.
  3. Define project phases and release roadmap.
  4. Delivery features by features in an interaction manner that includes development, testing, deployment, and feedback.


The results

The successful implementation of this chatbot not only met all project goals on time and within budget but also laid the groundwork for a strong ongoing partnership with our client. By effectively addressing both business and technical challenges, we not only enhanced the system's functionality but also ensured a seamless and efficient user experience.

Discover key features and the value they deliver to our client:

  • FAQ automation: 24/7 support for frequently asked questions, reducing AHT and boosting user satisfaction.
  • Document management: Organize, store, and retrieve a system quickly for user guides and information, eliminating the need for manual searches.
  • Data analytics: Businesses can leverage insights into user behavior and feedback for data-driven decisions on product and service improvements.

Below are some screenshots of the app.

AI Chatbot Development for Customer Support

AI Chatbot Development for Help Assistant


AI-powered chatbot for customer support


AI Chatbot for Customer Support

AI chatbot development for help assistant


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